Champagne & Beer bars

Champagne & Beer bars you should visit:

Milk & Honey – London / New York

Milk & Honey opened in Soho, London, in April 2002 and remains dedicated to bringing unrivalled drinks quality and service to a discerning crowd of grown-ups.  Members only.  It’s gorgeous.  See their drinks menu.

Port Street Beer House – Manchester

Craft beers from here, there and everywhere.  Cushty little place where bearded men reside.  See their list of beers.

The Grove Inn – Huddersfield

Real ale pub. Immense list of real ales. Beer garden.

Epernay – Manchester

Épernay Champagne bar offers a comprehensive range of rare and vintage champagne, with a list of over 80 cocktails.

57 Thomas Street – Northern Quarter, Manchester

Marble Brewery (microbrewery based in Manchester)’s beer house. Chocolate Marble. TO DIE FOR!



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