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Old Tom Strong Ale with Chocolate | Real Ale Review

Robinson’s Old Tom Strong Ale with Chocolate Brewed in Stockport 6% http://www.oldtombeer.co.uk In its stubby brown bottle, Old Tom looks fairly humble. The winking ginger cat on the front however, gives us a fair idea that this ale is going to be a bit naughty. And naughty it is. Like a fine gentleman with a beard, Old Tom is … Continue reading

Jacquart Brut Rosé | Champagne Review

There’s something about Valentine’s that makes people buy Rosé wines & Champagne. I’m sure this hasn’t always been the case, but through its commercialisation Valentine’s has become synonymous with all things pink and gooey. Excuse me while I barf. As you’ll know I’m not the greatest fan of ‘pink’ Champagnes, but oh… I might have to … Continue reading

Chat eu Oeuf wine (Rosé, Blanc et Rouge) | Wine Review

Playful puns, lovely sketchy label art and whimsical copy, is more than enough to get me grunting (in a good way) on a Friday night, but there’s more to it than that.  This naughty little wine is a beau.  Any beverage that uses a cheeky pun for its name is bound to get the Champagne … Continue reading

Jacquart, love of my life

Being a Champagne fiend, you’ll be unsurprised to learn that my friends and I often get together for a night dedicated to heralding and trying new Champagnes.  Our very own Champagne Night. We had our most recent one on Saturday, to which I took a sexy bottle of Jacquart Champagne. It’s my second bottle in a month. Ah, … Continue reading



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Francois Dubois

La Grande Dame 1998

La Grande Dame 1998

Pierre Darcys Champagne Piggy

Pierre Darcys

Janisson et Fils Champagne Piggy

Janisson et Fils

Nicolas Feuillate

Nicolas Feuillate

Nicolas Feuillatte Rose

Nicolas Feuillatte Rose

Tesco Premier Cru

Tesco Premier Cru

Veuve Monsigny

Jacquart Rose

Jacquart Rose