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Champagne for your Valentine & how I wished I was a Transvestite

Champagne for your Valentine; Champagne anytime. We Brits tend to see Champagne as a celebratory drink and rightly so, it is special, but in France they serve it in Patisseries on a Sunday morning. Knowing that and having seen it with my very own face-eyes I feel like I’m missing out. This is the story … Continue reading

Fizz Facts

Fabulous facts about fizz: http://www.champagnewarehouse.com/fizz-facts/ Favourite quote: ‘It’s good to slurp!’ Oh, and second favouite: ‘Consider the mousse’

The ONLY substitute for water


What one would call ‘the basics’

Here’ a guide to what one would call the basics of all things Champagne: The basics I didn’t write it, but it’s about all I know. Enjoy, little piggies.



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Quaffed & Reviewed



Francois Dubois

La Grande Dame 1998

La Grande Dame 1998

Pierre Darcys Champagne Piggy

Pierre Darcys

Janisson et Fils Champagne Piggy

Janisson et Fils

Nicolas Feuillate

Nicolas Feuillate

Nicolas Feuillatte Rose

Nicolas Feuillatte Rose

Tesco Premier Cru

Tesco Premier Cru

Veuve Monsigny

Jacquart Rose

Jacquart Rose