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Indigo Child | Beer Review

Indigo Child, The Wild Beer Co. + Toccalmatto, Limited Edition, 8% God, I love sour beers. This one is a collaboration beer by English brewers, The Wild Beer co, with Italians, Toccalmatto. It’s part of their ‘Rainbow Collaboration’, a series of one-off brews that come in seven beer colours from red to violet. This one’s, … Continue reading

Marks & Spencer’s Louis Chaurey Brut | Champagne Review

Limited to two bottles per customer and sold out across the country. M&S know how to create a bit of christmas madness in shoppers, don’t they? Louis Chaurey Brut Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier Marks & Spencer Usually £30, but £10 during Christmas promotion   I have my brother to thank for this bottle. Thanks, brother. … Continue reading

Aldi’s Veuve Monsigny Brut No.3 | Champagne Review

A happy new year to one and all from the Champagne Piggy. Today I’m reviewing another of Aldi’s Champagnes for under a tenner. Aldi is so my favourite shop. Have you tried their Paneforte? It’s lush. Champagne Veuve Monsigny Brut No.3 Aldi Chadonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier £12.99 slashed to £9.99 over Christmas.   … Continue reading

Aldi’s Champagne Philizot & Fils NV | Champagne Review

Aldi: where we Brits go for ‘bits’ and never for the friday big-shop. So what do we like to buy when we nip in for our ‘bits’? Well, I quite like: Creamy, Moser-Roth chocolate, knock-off Magnum ice-creams, Maple Syrup, crisps (the knock-off Kettler crisps) and alcohol – beer, cider, wine, champers, knock-off baileys, whisky…  Yeah, just a … Continue reading

Francois Dubois Champagne NV | Champagne Review

Following a period of prolonged inebriation for reasons I seem to have forgotten (it might have been my birthday), I’ve slightly neglected to type up any reviews, despite having quaffed enough to fill the bottle bin twice over.  So I’ve trawled through my notes, deciphered my spidery scrawl and first up from the backlog is: Francois … Continue reading

Elderflower Champagne | Recipe

Yes here in England it is grey, dismal and dour. But summer is here. How do I know? Well, the Elderflowers are in full bloom and there’s this little thing called a calendar we futuristic mortals have in our possession that tells us today is the summer equinox – not just a piggy face. Otherwise, … Continue reading

Old Tom Strong Ale with Chocolate | Real Ale Review

Robinson’s Old Tom Strong Ale with Chocolate Brewed in Stockport 6% http://www.oldtombeer.co.uk In its stubby brown bottle, Old Tom looks fairly humble. The winking ginger cat on the front however, gives us a fair idea that this ale is going to be a bit naughty. And naughty it is. Like a fine gentleman with a beard, Old Tom is … Continue reading

Tom’s Champagne Bar & G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge NV | Champagne Bar | Champagne Review

Tom’s Champagne Bar          Situated on the 3rd floor in: House of Fraser, Deansgate, Manchester. Had I not been given a voucher for Tom’s Champagne Bar, I’m sure I’d still be oblivious to the fact that it’s even there. I’ve been in House of Fraser about five times in the last three years and never even got … Continue reading

In search of… Elderflower Champagne | Recipe

You know how Spring just creeps up on you? The dark mornings suddenly slip in to the ether and at 7am it’s light? Well that’s what Elderflowers are like. They’re in full bloom in June and then bam! Suddenly all that remains are Elderberries. Deliciously jammy and purple, and an excellent metahpor for old ladies’ nipples… but sweet, … Continue reading

Pancakes, Champagne’s best friend | Pancake Recipe

I grew up on Pancakes. When my mum was carrying me in her womblet, she (and my dad and, strangely, many other of our family members) worked at a Pancake House in Manchester. She’d carry plates the size of Jupiter to hungry Pancake munchers while I was rolling around hungrily inside of her. When I eventually arrived and … Continue reading

Jacquart Brut Rosé | Champagne Review

There’s something about Valentine’s that makes people buy Rosé wines & Champagne. I’m sure this hasn’t always been the case, but through its commercialisation Valentine’s has become synonymous with all things pink and gooey. Excuse me while I barf. As you’ll know I’m not the greatest fan of ‘pink’ Champagnes, but oh… I might have to … Continue reading

Wondering which Champagne to buy for your Valentine?

Champagne has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Its voluptuous bottle, extravagant labelling, the thrusting out of the cork and of course… the excitement of the fizz, sets the tone for making one feel special and a bit randy . Choosing the right Champagne is tricky if your Valentine doesn’t already have a favourite. So below is an easy … Continue reading

Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé & Tesco Premier Cru NV Champagne | Champagne Review

First up is Tesco’s Premier Cru NV Champagne. It’s currently on offer £14.99 and would make a fantastic Valentine’s Champagne, so long as your lover’s not a label-hogger.  Equally the Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé, if you’re feeling flush, is a great Valentine’s Champagne too – it’s pink for starters and it’s delicate and sweet and will please those … Continue reading

Champagne for your Valentine & how I wished I was a Transvestite

Champagne for your Valentine; Champagne anytime. We Brits tend to see Champagne as a celebratory drink and rightly so, it is special, but in France they serve it in Patisseries on a Sunday morning. Knowing that and having seen it with my very own face-eyes I feel like I’m missing out. This is the story … Continue reading

Champagne Art

Putting Champagne caps to good use.

La Grande Dame 1998 Vintage, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin | Champagne Review

Happy new year!   I saw the new year in with this rather splendiferous, vintage bottle that was given to me for my birthday back in June.  How I have held on to it until now, remains a mystery.  Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin La Grande Dame Champagne, Brut 1998 Vintage £ (it was a present!)   In 1998 I was … Continue reading

33 Journals – tasting notes and a giveaway

Good evening little piggies, what a treat I have for you tonight.   Ever wanted to keep a note of your favourite tipples? Ever longed for a handy notebook in which you could record your wise and wistful rambling tasting notes? Well, the handy little 33 book series will enable you to do just that. … Continue reading

Chat eu Oeuf wine (Rosé, Blanc et Rouge) | Wine Review

Playful puns, lovely sketchy label art and whimsical copy, is more than enough to get me grunting (in a good way) on a Friday night, but there’s more to it than that.  This naughty little wine is a beau.  Any beverage that uses a cheeky pun for its name is bound to get the Champagne … Continue reading

Pinot Grigio Frizzante Delle Venezie (plus some writing I couldn’t understand) | Sparkling Wine / Prosecco Review

Pinot Grigio Frizzante Delle Venezie (plus some writing I couldn’t understand)  Morrisons £5 odd (Apologies for the ‘odd’, it was a frivolous buy)  For a whimsical purchase, I thought this was really rather scrumptious.  It is crisp apples and sweet pear, slightly fizzing and cajoling me in to loving it and buying it again. It has a slightly nutty taste too, I … Continue reading

Nicolas Feuillate Champagne

My dear readers, how I have missed you!   Not an oink since November?  I am truly disgraced by my own squiffy negligence!   Please accept my a-pork-ologies. Here I am now though, with Jacquart in my Champagne Flute and my trotters full of Champagne reviews ready to type up. Nicolas Feuillate Champagne Brut Morrisons, £14   I’m reading this … Continue reading



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