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Aldi’s Champagne Philizot & Fils NV | Champagne Review

Yes, I’ll take the lot thanks.

Aldi: where we Brits go for ‘bits’ and never for the friday big-shop.

So what do we like to buy when we nip in for our ‘bits’? Well, I quite like: Creamy, Moser-Roth chocolate, knock-off Magnum ice-creams, Maple Syrup, crisps (the knock-off Kettler crisps) and alcohol – beer, cider, wine, champers, knock-off baileys, whisky…  Yeah, just a few ‘bits’, like I said. Ahem.

It seems I’m not alone in wanting to list my favourite Aldi bits: follow the link to read reams of wisdom on what to buy and what not to buy from Aldi, or ‘Aldis’ as it’s often referred to. It makes for very, very good bedtime reading.

Here’s an excerpt to get you going:

“Aldi hairspray (Carino Provive) is as good as Elnett and a fraction of the price…Oh, and I bought a coat from there once – that was shit but hey, you live and learn.”

Ok, so that was a bit of a tangent. I’m here to review Champagne, not Aldi, but it’s interesting that of late Aldi’s alcohol selection has been looking (and tasting) particularly appetising. So I did some research; It seems they have recently handed over their management of beers, wines and spirits to Clarion Communications. Since doing so, Aldi have produced some right corkers, pardon the pun, at piggy-pleasing prices.

Champagne for under fifteen pounds? You know I’m going to. I mean, come on, it has to be better than Pierre Darcy’s, but will be as good as Janisson et Fils?

Philizot & Fils
Champagne Brut Numéro 3
Aldi, £12.99

Philizot & Fils Champagne has caused a snifter of a furore after beating Lanson White Label in a blind taste testing on some rubbish morning show I don’t ever watch. But, of course it did, Lansom is over-priced. It has a white label, yay, add another £20 to the price tag and some douche-bags will buy it…. And, like the drones that they are, they do!

Philizot and Fils are Gold medal winners of Effervescents du Monde in 2010. Now if you read this blog often then you’ll know where I stand with award winners. I make up my own mind. But, I have been known to like the odd award winner and this Aldi beauty is no exception. 

The bottle is pleasing enough to look at – their label is sleek. Its cork popped with ease and from then on it just got better. Small, rhythmic bubbles, moving like well-rehearsed sychronised swimmers, glide to the top of the glass where they exude aromas of tangy apples. To taste it’s both creamy and acidic like a good apple crumble with a dollop of clotted cream. Fuck yeah! I like it, I really do, but I don’t gush over it. It’s good, but it’s not amazing. Then I remember it’s £12.99 and I’m stuck. For the price it’s sublime. But can I give it 5/5? Can I? Not quite. It’s not making me snort and squeal the way Jacquart does. But it’s good, really good and it’s defintintely good enough for a four.


edit: I had this again at the weekend and I picked up something else…a sort of clear and pure taste, like when bottled water sort of tastes… tasty, when you have it from a glass bottle in a posh restaurant. Yeah. That is all.

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