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Champagne on a Shoestring, Champagne Review

Wondering which Champagne to buy for your Valentine?

He was feeling rather foxy

Champagne has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Its voluptuous bottle, extravagant labelling, the thrusting out of the cork and of course… the excitement of the fizz, sets the tone for making one feel special and a bit randy .

Choosing the right Champagne is tricky if your Valentine doesn’t already have a favourite. So below is an easy guide to finding the right Champagne for your lover.

If your Valentine is easy-going and you’re on a budget: Then buy Tesco Premier Cru £15 It’s cheap, but it’s good.  The label isn’t too Tesco own brand in your face and it isn’t until you’ve had a good look that you even notice it’s Tesco. (For a more comprehensive list of ‘cheap’ Champagne read Champagne on a Shoestring)

If your Valentine is a label-lover & you’re on a budget: Forget Moet and Lansom – their taste doesn’t match their hoiked-up prices and you can get more for your money. If your Valentine will be chuffed with a label they recognise, then get your trotters on Heidsieck Blue/Red Top Champagne £15 from Asda. The blue top Heidsieck is lemony and biscuity and will go well with dessert, or as an aperitif.

If you want to get something that’s a bit special, but won’t break the bank: Then I can whole heartedly recommend Jacquarts Champagne; It’s to die for. The label is as sexy as the Champagne and whilst you might have to pay a little bit more for it (unless it’s on offer and then you’re in luck and should probably buy two bottles) it’s worth every penny.

Something extravagant: Perhaps you’re proposing, or it’s an anniversary, or you just want to spoil your Valentine something rotten. Either way, if you’re splashing out then buy your Valentine La Grande Dame Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, 1998 Vintage £115. It’s not cheap, but then neither are you, are you?

If you want a budget rosé: If your Valentine is in to all things pink, or if you think nothing says you love someone like a glass of pink fizz then (well you’re wrong, but…) there’s Janisson et Fils rosé, Asda, to suit your occasion.

If you want to splash out on a rosé: Then Nicolas Feuillatte £30 from John Lewis is a good buy. It’s not overly sweet, meaning it’ll go well with dinner and again, it has the label factor and even comes with a gift tin, or gift box.

Alternatively – if you really can’t afford Champagne, but want to impress: buy Prosecco (£5-£10) & make cocktails by adding a dash of Kir Royale, or fresh berry juices. Click the link to see Prosecco reviews.

Happy Valentine’s Day & love to your mothers from the Champagne Piggy!



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