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Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé & Tesco Premier Cru NV Champagne | Champagne Review

Lemon Macarons

First up is Tesco’s Premier Cru NV Champagne. It’s currently on offer £14.99 and would make a fantastic Valentine’s Champagne, so long as your lover’s not a label-hogger. 

Equally the Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé, if you’re feeling flush, is a great Valentine’s Champagne too – it’s pink for starters and it’s delicate and sweet and will please those who wince at own-brand labels (not I).

Tesco Premier Cru NV Champagne
Pinot Noir
£14.99 Tesco

This Champagne is worth shouting about because it’s cheap and it’s delicious. It’s up there with other premier cru champagnes too both for the price and in terms of taste. Whilst I do like Tesco’s Vintage, I think I prefer this – it’s less delicate and less refined, but I like that. It’s fuller and as well as fruit it has a hint of toastiness at the finish.

This is another Champagne I’d use for toasts at a wedding, or to serve at parties and sod it, who cares about labels? I’d give this one as a gift to somebody who knows a bit about Champagne, because they’d appreciate it.


Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé
Pinot Meunier
Pinot Noir
John Lewis, £30

Now this is my kind of rosé. Rather than being overly sweet – all strawberries and cream soda; it’s more of a tart berry crumble: raspberries, blackberries and light, crisp, melt-in-the-mouth buttery crumble. It’s on the verge of being tart, but in a totally good way, like a librarian whose decided to get her cleavage out.

I don’t often review rosé Champagnes, but this one is far superior to the Janisson et Fils Rosé, that was a snip of the price of this one, but lacked its elegance and complexity. 

It’s still not up there with non-rosé Champagnes, but as far as rosé  Champagne goes, it’s a 4/5

Ps. Macarons & Champagne go together like roast beef and gravy. Those pictured are lemon macarons [source]. For Lemon Macaron recipes go to Food Gawker and take your pick.

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