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Champagne Review

Nicolas Feuillate Champagne

Valentines, shmalentines

My dear readers, how I have missed you!   Not an oink since November?  I am truly disgraced by my own squiffy negligence!  

Please accept my a-pork-ologies.

Here I am now though, with Jacquart in my Champagne Flute and my trotters full of Champagne reviews ready to type up.

Nicolas Feuillate Champagne
Morrisons, £14


I’m reading this review from a scrap of love-heart wrapping paper, a’lamour, I know, as this is the Champagne purchased to consummate Valentine’s.  

It’s a bit of a fat champers, this one. ‘Big and bubbly’, I think they say.  Blonde hair and big tits, with a dirty laugh, no doubt. With  its hefty bubbles, fruity flavours and acidic tang, it’s fairly enjoyable – but I couldn’t be in its company too regularly.  It’s a bit too full of itself and yet somehow lacking.

It’s a fairly dry champagne that has a Chardonnay-like aftertaste.

Meh, a 2/5




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