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Inside Out Bellini


Oh how I wish I could have an Inside Out Bellini, but peaches are out of season now and hard flavourless peaches are good for nobody! The curse of being British, I suppose.

I’ve fantacised endlessly about a recipe I came up with over the summer: ladies, gentlemen and porcine beings, I present to you… the ‘Inside Out Bellini’! It’s playful, exciting and magical – everything Champagne is made for!

When you take a bite out of an Inside Out Bellini, It’s like biting the bottom of a baby whose blood has been substituted for Champagne (a little carnal, I know): it’s soft, sweet and then fizzy – an enticing edible version of the renowned cocktail, that’s perfect for hazy summer afternoons, garden parties & impressing.

How could you possibly resist?

If you happen to live where there are peaches abound now (I don’t know where, Dubai, perhaps?), I envy you, but at least you can make this delicious dish, you scoundrel.  If not, like me, you’ll have to wait until next summer! 


To make an Inside Out Bellini you’ll need:

Peaches (ripe & juicy)
Lemon juice
Hot water
Caster sugar


To make an Inside Out Bellini follow these five, easy steps:

1. In a bowl, or deep dish, soak your peaches in hot, boiled water making sure the peaches are covered.
2. Add the juice of a lemon & two spoonfuls of caster sugar per peach.
3.  Cover the dish with clingfilm and leave the peaches to absorb some of the water, sugar & lemon & really soften.
4. After an hour, drain and replace the water with Champagne – leave for a further two hours.
5. Remove peaches from the Champagne & serve with a spoon (& a little clotted cream, if you like).


Then, of course, enjoy, you little piggy!

If you’re searching for the ordinary Bellini recipe, look here & be gone with you!



5 thoughts on “Inside Out Bellini

  1. This sounds great! I will definitely have to give it a try. I do have peaches all year here so I am lucky! Thanks! Great site by the way!

    Posted by popcorngirl12 | September 13, 2010, 12:41 am


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